About Us

We are a Global Independent Team of seasoned professionals that believe in the power of great trading strategies.


We only advertise and market our services following the most stringent and strict GDPR rules and regulations. We do not hassle you. We do not push you. We do not call you 100 times a day asking for more money. 


We are always developing new ideas to move with the market, not against it. Our trading systems and strategies are in continual development. Our team are continually updated and trained in the latest news, rules, regulations and financial laws. 


Our goals are to become the biggest hedge fund in the world. Integrity and reputation underpin our future growth. We have the same mutual goals as our clients. To consistently generate returns in order to keep growing, together. Building the most diverse, talented and creative team of money managers. 

We take a bottom-line approach to each project, client account and our own private equity. Our clients consistently see increased results, enhanced loyalty and new life opportunitties.

United We Stand


Our Skills & Expertise

Our entire team is comprised of extremely well experienced traders, programmers and mathematicians. Order book traders who have access to the best interbank market prices, execution and assets classes. We deal in all of the financial sectors and have individual experts who specialise in their own respective fields.